Thursday, 20 February 2014

Witham Studio and Grease Photography

WOW - what a month!  

Firstly, after my Christmas proposal, my fiancée and I are starting to put some plans together for our own wedding in 2015. The venue, Crabbs Barnis now booked, along with the church in Colchester. Being a photographer myself, this was one service I was looking forward to choosing - and we have chosen Jeff Turnbull. 
Photographically it has also been a busy time. I now have a studio set up in Witham and I’m taking bookings. One of my first clients was Legion Defensive Concepts, I’ve been doing some portrait work and have also been busy photographing the WOW group in their final dress rehearsal of Grease.

Legion Defensive Concepts was set up after Christmas by instructor Dave Hayden. Its aim is to teach men and women self-defence techniques that can be used in real life situations. My brief was to capture some stances and also show how it not only helps in a self-defence situation, but also helps you lose weight and get fit.

The session with the cast of Grease was to be my last for this production.  I look forward to working with them again on their future shows, but for now it was quite sad to think my time with them is nearly over. This week is show week and after seeing the full dress rehearsal I cannot express how amazing these youngsters are. 

WOW certainly lives up to its name - break a leg Guys!

Thanks for reading and look out for next month’s blog…… Steve.

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